Friday, 10 May 2019

Super Dancer 3 Elimination 11th, 12th May 2019, Jay-Sanam Eliminated

Sony TV's Super Dancer Chapter 3 reality show have TOP 11 contestants performed last week and asked for the Public Voting. Now, its' time for the first elimination after the Voting. Its been revealed that Jay Chauhan and Sanam Johar Guru Shishya Jodi got eliminated this week on Super Dancer 3 Episode of 11th May, 12th May 2019.
jay sanam

Jay Chauhan and Sanam Johar got eliminated, not because of the Public Voting results but they got evicted as Jay's Health is not fine from last few weeks and he won't be able to perform this week as well and doctor advised him to take a rest.

Super Dancer 3 Elimination 11th, 12th May 2019 Episode - Jay Chauhan - Sanam Johar Eliminated

This week, Kumar Sanu have been guest on Super Dancer Chapter 3 reality show and contestants have performed on Romantic Songs of Kumar Sanu of 90's time. The Romantic Songs and contestants' power packed moves makes the episode romantic thriller like never before. Kumar Sanu got impressed by seeing the marvelous moves of little kids on the set.

Now, Super Dancer 3 TOP 10 Contestants will ask for the Public Votes one more time and one of them will be eliminated based onto the Voting results.

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  1. Today's Super Dancer 3 All the dances were very nice, especially like a dance I did not like or I can not say that my mother made a dance that sings in my eyes, water has come to my eyes and I pray that a nice dance should be in our midst Everybody can give gifts all the time๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜☺☺