Friday, 24 May 2019

Super Dancer 3 Elimination 26th May 2019 Episode, Naitik Singhal Eliminated

The Last two weeks public voting results are out and here we have the names of eliminated Super Dancer 3 Contestant and Super Guru Jodi. Naitik Singhal and his Super Guru Pramoth Manohar got eliminated from Super Dancer Chapter 3 Sony TV Show Episode of 25th May, 26th May 2019 Episode. The Elimination happened as Naitik Singhal got lowest votes from last two weeks.

Now, After the elimination of Naitik Singhal, Super Dancer 3 have TOP 9 Contestants remained and they will perform and ask for public Votes. Saksham Sharma, Gourav Sharwan, Akshit Bhandari, Tejas Varma, Rupsa, Jayshree Gogoi, Dhairya Tandon, Prerna Salvi, Anvesha Bhatia are the TOP 9 Super Dancer 3 Contestants.

Super Dancer 3 Elimination 26 May 2019 Elimination - Naitik Singhal and guru Pramoth got eliminated

Now, Super Dancer 3 going to be more tough as its reaching one step closer to the grand finale every next week. Keep watching this space for more news updates on Super Dancer Chapter 3 Sony TV Show.

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